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Paper Tray Production Line Pulping System

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The main function is breaking waste paper into required pulp. The working method: decomposing waste paper to pulp by hydraulic and mechanical reamer.


1. Energy saving
2. Flexible production
3. Low mould input
4. Easy operation and maintenance

Parameters of Hydrapulper

Overview of high-consistency hydraulic pulper: high-consistency hydraulic pulper is one of the equipments in waste paper deinking pulp. Its function is not only to disintegrate waste paper into pulp, but also to make pulp fibers generate friction during rotor rotation. so that the printing ink falls off the surface of the fiber through the action of chemicals, so as to achieve the purpose of reusing the pulp.
Main technical features of high-consistency hydraulic pulper
1. The high-consistency pulping rotor has high pulp concentration, which is about 3 % higher than the traditional high-consistency pulper; it is used for the treatment of waste paper deinking pulp, which can greatly reduce the heating consumption of the pulp and the consumption of chemicals; It has the advantages of strong effect; it promotes the faster peeling and dispersion of ink particles from the fiber; and it has no cutting effect on a single fiber; it has little damage to impurities and so on.
2. The discharging and diluting device enables the high-consistency slurry to be discharged directly without being diluted in the pulper barrel, which greatly shortens the discharging time of the high-consistency slurry, reduces the power configuration of the equipment, and saves power consumption. It is suitable for the demand for high-concentration slurry in the subsequent process.

Pulping (3)


Pulping (1)




Pulping (4)


Pulping (5)




YZ-SJ2m³ YZ-SJ5m³ YZ-SJ6.5m³ YZ-SJ8.0m³ YZ-SJ10.0m³


700KG 900KG 1200KG 1500KG 2000KG


11kw 22kw 30kw 45kw 55kw
Motor speed


1440r/min 960r/min 960r/min 960r/min 960r/min
Driving Method


underdrive Top drive Top drive Top drive Top drive
The waste paper pulping capacity is calculated according to books, newspapers, propaganda papers, medicine boxes and cigarette papers.

Homogenizer: Fully dissolve and dilute the pulp, water and other auxiliary materials.
Pulp supply pump: conveying pulp
Stone powder adding machine: Automatically add stone powder to the pulp quantitatively to make the ratio of stone powder and pulp consistent
Pulp decomposing machine: decompose the pulp fibers in the pulp to be finer
Vibrating screen: The impurities in the pulp are vibrated at high frequency to screen out the impurities.

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