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What we do(Product introduction)

Pulp molded products produced by molding machine generally include various forms of egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, bottle trays, glass product paper packaging, etc., which are mainly used as packaging liners, which is also the function of pulp molded products.

First of all, the paper tray produced by pulp molding equipment is different from traditional foam packaging products. It works through the ductility of the paper itself. Due to the special shaping of the mold, the paper holder can absorb more pressure when carrying goods, thereby reducing the impact and vibration of the inside items from the outside world. Better buffering performance.

Secondly, the paper tray produced by the pulp molding machine can be freely shaped according to the different goods by passing through the corresponding mold. So its structural design is more accurate, which can conform to the structural characteristics of the goods, It avoids the collision between products, so that the packaged items will not be damaged during transportation, use, disassembly and unloading. And its own high strength, stiffness and good stability can also improve certain shock absorption performance.

Finally, the paper support products produced by the pulp molding equipment also have a certain pleasantness. Because its material and shape will not harm the human body, on the contrary, it is also beneficial to the operation of our human body in the process of handling and other uses.

With the development of technology, pulp molding equipment has more and more functional uses and wider application fields, which are inseparable from the advantages of pulp molding itself:
1. The raw materials used in pulp molding products are waste paper, generally including common scrap cardboard, waste paper boxes, waste white edge paper and other scraps. The collection of raw materials is very simple and the cost is low.
2. The production process of pulp molding products is: pulping, adsorption molding, drying and shaping, etc. The process is simple and environmentally friendly.
3. Pulp molding products can also be compounded with a variety of materials to improve protection during production. For example, it can be waterproof by compounding with AKD neutral glue and other materials.
Nowadays the whole world is focusing on the theme of environmental protection. From domestic environmental protection rectification actions to the plastic restriction orders set off in Europe and the United States, environmental protection products will become the most potential products in the 21st century. As an essential packaging part of commodity production, environmentally friendly packaging has a growing market for development.

Post time: Apr-18-2022